Welcome to St. Paul’s


Worship Online Once Again

Since the beginning of the pandemic, almost two years ago, St. Paul’s has prioritized the health and safety of this congregation. As the highly transmissible Omicron variant surges and COVID-19 positive cases and hospitalizations are soaring to record levels, your staff, Congregational Council, and Covid Task Force are taking necessary measures to continue to protect our members, their families and friends, as well as those that visit our community of faith.
We will continue with online worship through January 30. A Service of Word and Prayer is provided online as well as a recording of pastor’s message for use at home. As Bishop Gohl wrote in his weekly message, “For those who love Christ and neighbor, we don’t do these things because we have to, but because the love of Christ compels us to.”

Welcomed by Christ through sheer grace, we at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church welcome others with that same unconditional grace.  God’s love and grace know no boundaries. We are a congregation of people who trust in the grace of God as shown to us through the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Together, we are a Christian community that supports each other as we sing, pray, gather, converse, and rejoice in praise of our God.

At St. Paul’s we recognize that life has its difficulties and sorrows. But we also experience the joy, companionship, and meaning of being members of the Body of Christ. The Spirit moves in and among us. And the Spirit keeps gathering us in and drawing us together as one in Christ.

Thus emerges the wonder of our diversity and unity. We invite you into this community in Christ!

Growing in faith.  Growing in community.  

Welcoming all in Jesus’ name.

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