Welcome to St. Paul’s

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It goes without saying that 2020 was a rough 366 days. Yeah, it was a leap year too. Nature’s way of extending the agony. In addition to the usual bumps and bruises every year brings, there was the little problem of a global pandemic. It was in all the papers and may have shown up in social media a few times too. But regardless, it was COVID-19 that seemed to grab most of the headlines on a daily basis. St. Paul’s was not immune to its affects. By mid-March, everything changed or seemed to, except one, the church never closed. What follows is a Power Point review of 2020 from our perspective at St. Paul’s. While everyone was affected by COVID, what happened at St. Paul’s was unique. Unique in our relationships to each other, unique in our mission and its fulfilment, and unique in our faith that never wavered.


Welcomed by Christ through sheer grace, we at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church welcome others with that same unconditional grace.  God’s love and grace know no boundaries. We are a congregation of people who trust in the grace of God as shown to us through the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Together, we are a Christian community that supports each other as we sing, pray, gather, converse, and rejoice in praise of our God.

At St. Paul’s we recognize that life has its difficulties and sorrows. But we also experience the joy, companionship, and meaning of being members of the Body of Christ. The Spirit moves in and among us. And the Spirit keeps gathering us in and drawing us together as one in Christ.

Thus emerges the wonder of our diversity and unity. We invite you into this community in Christ!

Growing in faith.  Growing in community.  

Welcoming all in Jesus’ name.

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