Call Committee

Call Committee

On Sunday, January 25th, the Call Committee appointed by Council was installed to begin its work. Members include: Gale Paul (chair), Deb Berke, Steve Litterst, Mike Mayer, Bob Patterson, and Barb Rhodes.

We are blessed that so many in the congregation participated in Transition Workshops culminating in the writing of the Ministry Site Profile.  This document is being used to guide our committee in the selection process.  Our thanks to all of you that participated and to the transition team for setting our committee and the congregation up for success.

While confidentiality is important, we do want to keep you all informed of the progress that is being made.  The Call Committee was given a slate of five candidates on March 30th.  One of five candidates asked to be excused from the process shortly thereafter as he was in process with another Synod.  Of the four remaining candidates, we conducted Skype interviews with all of them on April 14th and 15th.  In addition, we did reference checks and requested copies of sermons from several of the candidates.  As a result of all information gathered, the Committee has discerned that none of the candidates presented meet the requirements that St. Paul’s developed as a result of the Transition Process.  We have communicated this to the Synod office and are working to schedule a time to receive a new slate of candidates.  This most likely will  happen in late May as a new slate has to be developed and vetted by the Synod office.  We continue to ask for your prayers as we continue on in this journey.

Deb Berke
Steve Litterst
Mike Mayers
Bob Patterson
Gale Paul
Barb Rhodes

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