A Way of Hearing

Last Sunday we explored Lutheranism as a Way of Seeing. How do you see God? We see God in nature, in the sunset, in human love, in the enemy, in the prison, in the rain, in daily food, in the broken home, in outer space, in life and in death. Where do you see God?

See the list in Baptized, We Live: Lutheranism as a Way of Life, p 6. If you do not have a copy, call the church office and arrange to stop by and pick up a copy. (Call first, to arrange a time to stop by. Tell them Pastor Mike said you have a copy of the book.)

We see God in the midst of pain, suffering and death. The cross reveals to us that God comes close to us in these circumstances. We see God in the water and promise of baptism. We see God’s Christ in the bread and wine. Last week we shared our baptism stories.

This coming Sunday we’ll take a few minutes to share our Holy Communion stories. Can you remember the very first time you communed? What was that like? What did you feel? Can you remember the last time you communed? What was that like? What did you feel? What kind of thoughts and feelings have you had over the years as you have communed?

Then a Way of Hearing! If you have the book read chapter 2. Think of a favorite Bible story or passage to share with the group. Or bring a question (or two or more) about the Bible. We’ll talk about the Living Word of God that addresses and changes us.

You are always invited to share your thoughts and questions.

Remember this Sunday the clocks change. We ‘spring forward’ so set your clocks accordingly or you’ll arrive an hour late!

Class starts Sunday

Amazing Grace at St Paul’s Lutheran Church! You are invited to gather in the Blue Room to talk about the basic teachings of the ‘church’ from a Lutheran perspective. Bring along your questions and issues you’d like to address. Open to members and non-members. For those thinking about becoming a member of St Paul’s this is an excellent way to prepare.

Feel free to add your issues and questions here. We’ll work them into our discussion on Sundays and extend the conversation here!

Join Pr Mike and the welcome team on Sundays, 9:30 a.m. March 1 – March 29 and April 12. Contact Pr Mike for more information. michael.merkel@gmai.com. (203) 804-5003.

God’s grace is truly Amazing!

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