Fine Arts Ministry

Our ministry of music and the arts provides a foretaste of the feast to come, a brief hint of our future existence in the City of Light, a place where beauty and celebration will be our chief goal and delight. It offers a range of tools we need to continue on our journey toward this glorious end. As we take up the challenge and opportunity of our ministry of music and the arts, let us lay claim to God’s gift of beauty. Let us walk with passion through the paths of our weekly and seasonal worship and praise! Let us wonder as we discover the contours—-the peaks and valleys—-of the liturgical year together!

“We want to give our church songs not yet sung, images not yet imagined, words not yet forged into poems, dances not yet rehearsed in our muscles and bones, and all the other dazzling testimonies to the creative power of God at work here within the creation. We long to bring the warmth and disclosure of art to worship; to bring a joy beyond words to the celebration of the sacraments; to incarnate the pain and sorrow of the reality of the crucifixion; to proclaim the promise of resurrection that evokes hope from the whole being, not merely the intellect.”  —Nancy Chinn, Spaces for Spirit: Adorning the Church

Now sure what all of this means for you? Please complete the Fine Arts Questionnaire found here.

Prayerfully consider how your gifts might best be used in worship and service, and return a copy to the church office if you are willing to share your gifts and talents with the congregation and the community. Feel free to contact Mike Bareham, Director for Worship and Music, with any questions in person after services, by phone: 302-368-0064 x123, or by email:

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