Lenten FISH Campaign

Ash Wednesday-Easter Sunday 2018

Matching Donations

We are grateful for this ongoing opportunity to benefit FISH, Fellowship in Serving the Hungry!

A generous donor has offered to match up to $3,000 in contributions in support of FISH.  From Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday, any donations to FISH, up to that $3,000 mark, will count double toward benefiting this valuable ministry in support of our Newark neighbors in need.  We have already received several advance gifts from kind FISH supporters toward this campaign, bringing us more than a quarter of the way to our goal!

This Lenten season, we invite you to take time prayerfully to consider how you might participate in this wonderful opportunity and challenge, for the sake of benefiting our monthly outreach to families facing food insecurity.  St. Paul’s long partnership with Lutheran Community Services and Lutheran Campus Ministry on behalf of this program is a wonderful model of cooperation, volunteer excellence, and faithful, shared service.  Free Lenten devotional booklets have been assembled and are available at St. Paul’s, as our way of saying thank you for your ongoing support.

Donation checks may be made payable to Lutheran Campus Ministry with “FISH” in the memo line; all contributions will go directly to a designated FISH account and will be used solely for food purchases for the sake of families in need.

Thank you for considering a donation in support of FISH!  Remember that any gift you give will essentially be doubled in its impact.  Peace, grace, and blessings to all this Lenten season!

In Christ, Mindy Holland, Chaplain

Lutheran Campus Ministry, University of Delaware


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