From the Call Committee

Pastoral Call Process – Congregational Input
One of the aspects of calling a new pastor is to have a Ministry Site Profile completed.
The MSP encompasses the mission of the church, which assists the Synod in providing
candidates. Congregational input vital to this process.
The Call Committee is asking for your input today to help us complete three portions of
the MSP.

  1. Ministry Site Characteristics – For each line, read the statements on the left and
    right. Consider which statement you feel most closely describes our
    congregation, and whether it is a lot like us, or a little like us. Check off only one
    box per line.
  2. Top Five Ministry Tasks – Choose the five tasks you feel are most critical to
    require of our next pastor.
  3. Gifts for Ministry – Choose the five gifts you feel are essential in our next pastor
    (left-hand column), and the five that would be very helpful (right-hand
    The Call Committee will host workshop on Sunday, February 4, 2024, immediately after the 10 AM service. A box lunch will be provided for those who registered in advance.

    Thank you for your participation and for your continued prayers and support!
    St. Paul’s Call Committee
    Tom Olson
    Lori Davis
    Linda Grund
    Jeanine Heath
    Rick Cassar
    Laura Blenderman

Congregational Survey (due by February 4, 2024)

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