Electronic Giving Options

Over the last few months, as we’ve prepared for and welcomed our new pastor, Stewardship has reviewed several of its long-standing practices.  One of these is our recommendation regarding electronic giving.  We’re still *very* much in favor of using technology to make giving easier, more regular, and especially more intentional, but the preferred method of transferring funds has changed.

Back in 2008 when we first looked at electronic giving, the push to do so was motivated by an offer from Thrivent to subsidize the fees associated with a specific product, Simply Giving.  That got us started on using Simply Giving, and today we have over two dozen contributors who use that system.  However, Thrivent stopped underwriting our costs a few years ago, and now we pay a monthly fee with both a basic amount and a per-transaction cost.

That led us to examine some other options, specifically the ones that our banks provide.  Most banks will perform electronic fund transfers (EFTs) at no additional charge, and many will allow you to send a paper check, if that is what you prefer.  Currently both of these methods are used by our members, at no cost to them or the church.

We encourage you to consider electronic giving, and in particular to look for a fee-free option.  Please contact Keith Bart for St. Paul’s account and routing number information.

If you have any questions about this, or if you feel you might need some assistance setting this up with your bank, please contact me at keith.m.bart@gmail.com or 302-345-6107.

Keith Bart

Chair, Stewardship Committee



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