One year…

One year ago this month St. Paul’s congregation and school staff received news of increased cases for a dangerous new virus called Covid19.  The decision was made to close the building and ask everyone to stay safe and stay home.  At the time we talked about celebrating resurrection at Easter 2020.  Easter came and went.  Christmas came and went.

This month we arrive at the one-year anniversary of the decision to close the building.  We have worked to adjust to different ways of worshipping.  I look forward to warmer weather and outdoor worship as one opportunity.  Zoom meetings have become the norm.  One year ago we were optimistic until that optimism came up against risk.

Five hundred thousand.  Five hundred thousand and counting.  Too many deaths from Covid19.  The number is unimaginable.  The death of our beloved Dewey Smith brought that home to this congregation.  You may be the one who lost their mother, a sibling, a cousin, a friend, a neighbor.  The loss of life is a sadness you hold and we pray for comfort for you.

There are people in this congregation who have recovered from Covid19.  Others carry residual health issues.  We pray for healing.

We do not know what the next months will hold.  We did not imagine what the last ones would be like.  What we do know is the truth, this virus is complicated and deadly.  We do know there are vaccines.  We do know how best to prevent the spread.  We expect this March 2021 that the next months will really bring a time when we will open the building and gather together.  My optimism is careful.  My optimism is once again hopeful.

Something we do know is this, this is God’s church, and this community is at work in you and with you.  This is God’s church and God’s mission for St. Paul’s is strong.  God is present through the risen Jesus Christ.  That is much more than optimism that is promise.

Pastor Linda Gunderson †

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