For everything there is a season…

and a time for every matter under heaven…

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Even when a community doesn’t live by the rhythms of agriculture, the cycle of the year reflects that tradition.  Schools start in the fall and end in the spring – longer season now than before since children are no longer needed for planting and harvest.  Even when we have no children in school our yearly cycle of activity reflects the school year.  Summer is a time for rest and vacation.  Spring events are planned around graduations and school year endings.

Spring is a time when crossroad times are poignant.  The St. Paul’s school children that are 4 years old will ‘graduate’ preschool and begin kindergarten.  We will miss them.  This is a big turning point in their lives.  Other children will say at the end of the school year something like this that reflects the new beginning in their lives, “Now I am a 3rd grader!” (Substitute any year you might hear from a child.)  Young adults are anticipating graduation from high school, others finish college or other advanced education programs.  Milestones, all of them.  Crossroads for those who love them.

I invite you to pay attention to the changes happening in the lives of children, young adults and families.  These are delightful times.  They are also at sometimes difficult times for parents and communities.  Growth brings change.  Changing season brings new growth and new adventures while saying goodbye to past times and former things.  New seasons invite us to reengage in new ways in our faith lives.

I invite you to pray for 4 year olds beginning Kindergarten, children as the school year ends and they look ahead to a new grade, young adults and others who finish one season of life and look forward to another.

I invite you to see God at work in both the delight and the trepidation of beginning a new season.

I invite you to walk together into this new season with one another.
Linda Gunderson †
Senior Pastor


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