If We Give

If we give what is left over, the church neither feeds us spiritually nor feeds anyone else.

If we give dues, the church will be no more than a club. 

If we give for sentimental reasons, the church will be like a museum.

If we give the same as we always have, the church will only receive declining returns.

If we give out of obligation, the church will become a place of resentment for us.

If we give only because we feel responsible, the church will be a heavy burden.

If we give out of compassion for those whose needs are great, then our needs will seem so much smaller.

If we give because we are thankful, the church will reflect the measure of our gratitude.

If love leads us to selfless giving, the church will become the place where we discover joy!

~ Author Unknown

2023 Stewardship Campaign & Pledge Card

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