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Adult Education
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Faith Connections – For Adults

Faith Connections, held from 9:15 – 10:15 Sunday mornings, includes a time for adults to gather and learn.  Staff and the Faith Formation team are working to provide this time and to invite a variety of experiences.

“20 and odd Negros”: African Americans and the Church From 1619

January 13th – February 17th

The Church is a great institution.  At its best it is “the Body of Christ.”  It has spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ both near and far and done much for humanity over the centuries.  However, like any institution, the Church is not without its flaws. One of its biggest flaws is its support for another institution, chattel slavery.  How did the Church, which proclaims, “love thy neighbor,” condone the practice of human bondage and subjugation?  The short answer is, it can’t. But for over 400 years, it did.  It took the death of nearly 1 million American soldiers to end it here and then it did not go quietly or quickly.

2019 marks the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first Africans to British North America. Twenty men and women who, with the acquiescence of the Church, were kidnapped as part of the Portuguese slave trade and subsequently taken by British privateers and traded to leaders of Jamestowne, Virginia for food.  Precious little is known about those first 20 Africans, but much is known about those who followed them.  Much is also known about how the Church, including the Lutheran church, dealt with these forced immigrants and how their treatment evolved.

Beginning on Sunday, January 13th and lasting for 6 consecutive Sunday sessions, our Faith Formation team will present “20 and Odd Negroes”: African Americans and the Church from 1619.  Over those 6 sessions we’ll explore Delaware’s Black History, Delaware’s African American clergy, African American Lutherans, African Americans and the Civil War, and finally, the influence of African Americans on our “church music.”  Our speakers will include Dr. James Newton, Professor Emeritus of Black American Studies at the University of Delaware, Syl Woolford, local historian and expert in Delaware’s African American history, and our own Mike Bareham, director of Worship and Music at St. Paul’s.  Please join us in this celebration of African American history, the church, and observance of the 400th anniversary of the first Africans coming to British North America.

Week 1…1/13 Introduction: “African American history to the Civil War from 60 Thousand Feet.” – Eric Mease presentation based on his “History of Slavery” Continuing Education lectures.

Week 2…1/20 “Delaware Black History: Past and Present” –  Dr. James Newton, retired Professor Emeritus of Black American Studies at the University of Delaware and the Founding Director of the Black American Studies Program at the University of Delaware.

Week 3… 1/27 Civil War: Including Maryland, Cecil County USCTs – Eric Mease presentation based on his 2010 Master’s Thesis project.

Week 4… 2/3 “Delaware’s African-American Pastors Make Their Mark in History” – Syl Woolford, Newark native and scholar in Delaware African American history.

Week 5… 2/10 “African American Lutherans”

Week 6… 2/17 “Church Music and the African American Influence” – Mike Bareham, Director of Worship and Music, St. Paul’s.

Coming in March

Making Sense of Scripture

This seven part series will begin Sunday, March 10 at 9:15 am (with breaks for important things like Easter).  The study is based on writing and DVD commentary by Rev. Dr. David Lose.

If you wish you can purchase the participant book (although it is not required), “Making Sense of Scripture”, David Lose, Augsburg Fortress.  It is also available as a Kindle download on Amazon.

Pastor Linda will be coordinating the study.

Chapter 1: What Is the Bible?
Chapter 2: Is the Bible True?
Chapter 3: How Is the Bible the Word of God?
Chapter 4: Where Did the Bible Come From?
Chapter 5: How Can I Read the Bible with Greater Understanding?
Chapter 6: Is There a “Center” to Scripture?
Chapter 7: What Kind of Authority Does the Bible Hold?

New Members Class

We become members at St. Paul’s by affirming our baptism in the presence of the assembly at Sunday worship.  Persons who have not been baptized, after a time of preparation, are received through the sacrament of baptism.  Please see Pastor Gunderson for more details.

All are welcome to attend, especially our visitors who are interested in joining our fellowship.

Friday Study Group

We will be reconvening in the Blue Room at St. Paul’s on September 7th and each Friday thereafter at 10:00 am.  Each session will feature the showing of two half-hour DVD’s selected from the following series: the History Channel’s Bible Collection; the Great Courses’ the Old Testament and the New Testament and the History of Christianity I & II; and other topics related to church history.  The group chooses what sequence of DVDs they wish to view..  The September 7 session will present the conclusion of the PBS Frontline series “God in America.”

All are invited to come to one or more sessions, with no registration requirements and no “at home” assignments given.

~ Pastor Jack Little


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