Adult Education and Bible Study

Adult Education
New Members Class
Friday Study Group

Faith Connections – For Adults

Faith Connections, held from 9:15 – 10:15 Sunday mornings, includes a time for adults to gather and learn.  Staff and the Faith Formation team are working to provide this time and to invite a variety of experiences.

The fall schedule includes:

September 16 – ELCA World Hunger Pastor Fred Melton (Blue Room)

September 23 – The Science of Forgiveness   Pastor Linda Gunderson (Blue Room)

September 30 – “Loving and Leaving A Church”   Pastor Barbara Melosh (Blue Room)

Pastor Melosh will read from her book.  Copies will be available for purchase and for her to sign.

Barbara Melosh’s story was a common one. A second-career seminarian, she arrived at her first pastorate brimming with enthusiasm and high hopes. The blue-collar congregation to which she’d been called had a glorious past but an uncertain future. Certain that she could turn around its slow yet undeniable slide into decline, Melosh inaugurated a number of church growth and outreach programs. Most of these efforts had little effect, and the ones that did seem to work soon suffered reverse outcomes and eventual demise. In the end, Melosh had to conclude that the members of the congregation liked their church the way it was and that she could not drag them into a future they did not want.

Yet while the congregation failed to change itself, Melosh notes, it succeeded in changing her. Simply put, it made her a pastor. At times heartbreaking and hilarious, Loving and Leaving a Church offers a glimpse into the challenges and opportunities of ministry in a mainline church.

October 7 – All Ages Learning/Brunch in Fellowship Hall

October 14 – TBA

October 21 – Lutherans and Music Mike Bareham   (Sanctuary)

October 28 – No Class

November 11 through December 9 – What’s a Lutheran?    Pastor Linda Gunderson  (Blue Room)

The class will learn/review/discuss Lutheran basics.  This is NOT a new member class, although people interested in membership or continued participation at St. Paul’s will be invited to join this class as part of their membership discernment.


New Members Class

We become members at St. Paul’s by affirming our baptism in the presence of the assembly at Sunday worship.  Persons who have not been baptized, after a time of preparation, are received through the sacrament of baptism.  Please see Pastor Gunderson for more details.

All are welcome to attend, especially our visitors who are interested in joining our fellowship.

Friday Study Group

We will be reconvening in the Blue Room at St. Paul’s on September 7th and each Friday thereafter at 10:00 am.  Each session will feature the showing of two half-hour DVD’s selected from the following series: the History Channel’s Bible Collection; the Great Courses’ the Old Testament and the New Testament and the History of Christianity I & II; and other topics related to church history.  The group chooses what sequence of DVDs they wish to view..  The September 7 session will present the conclusion of the PBS Frontline series “God in America.”

All are invited to come to one or more sessions, with no registration requirements and no “at home” assignments given.

~ Pastor Jack Little


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