Adult Education and New Members Class

Faith Connections – For Adults

“A Twisted Cord of Many Threads”

Way back in 1742 Henry Muhlenberg came to North America to whip the Lutherans into shape!  It was like herding cats(!), but Muhlenberg succeeded in uniting the Lutherans with a Lutheran Confession, a common liturgy, a hymnal, and congregational constitutions, all of which we still have today.

Beginning on Sunday, October 9th we’ll begin a 3-part series of Adult Forums titled “A Twisted Cord of Many Threads”: A History of Lutherans in Delaware.  From the first Lutheran Swedes in the 17th century to the creation of Unity
Church in the 21st , we’ll discuss how the first Lutherans arrived, how they survived, the impact of German immigrants in the 19th century, the Civil Rights struggles of the 1960s, and mission development up and down the state, including St. Paul’s. 

Following the hard-core history series, we’ll turn to the legacy of that history through three additional forums:

October 30th – learning about Lutheran Campus Ministry at the University of Delaware

November 6th – a representative of the Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center will share about this ministry

November 13th – we’ll learn about the history and service of LCS, Lutheran Community Services

Watch for more information on these exciting and informative forums in the Weekly Epistle, the October and November monthly Epistles, and the weekly E-mail blast. See you in October!


New Members Class

We become members at St. Paul’s by affirming our baptism in the presence of the assembly at Sunday worship.  Persons who have not been baptized, after a time of preparation, are received through the sacrament of baptism.  Please see Pastor Gunderson for more details.


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