Faith Formation (Sunday School)

Our children’s Faith Formation program, or Sunday School will be using various curricula for the different age groups.

  • Our preschool and kindergarten class will be using the Witness program: “A great way for kids to learn from the bible to live the Good News!” Our young disciples will hear stories about God’s active involvement in her or his life and in the lives of many people from scripture.
  • Our 1-2 grade class will be engaging in HOLY MOLY, a fun, bible-centered program that uses creative ways for children to interact with the bible in every lesson, following the arc of the biblical narrative.
  • Our 3-4 class and 5-6 class will be learning from SPARK, a lectionary-based program that connects kids with Bible stories heard in worship.

Children ages 3 through grade 6 are invited to Sunday School at 9:15 am to explore Bible stories in fun and creative ways.  We will gather in Fellowship Hall at 9:15 AM with all ages for a short time together, and then move to our respective classrooms.

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