Capital Ringers concert 4/22

New Ark Chorale concert 4/14

The New Ark Chorale performing the Delaware Premiere of Dan Forrest’s “Requiem for the Living” on Saturday afternoon, April 14 at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Newark.

Bishop Eaton’s Easter Message


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Flowers for the Easter Cross

St. Paul’s Concert Series

Holy Week Worship Schedule

Super Bowl Success!

Super Bowl Sunday Sub Spectacular!!

Thank you to all who helped make subs and bought subs to support our youth! We made well over $1,000…enough to send one youth to Houston for Youth Gathering!!

“Souper” Bowl Sunday Success!!!

“Souper” Bowl Sunday was a great success! Totals collected: Patriots: $ 58.02; Commercials”: $ 25.00; EAGLES: $ 253.07! The big winner is the Empowerment Center, in Newark, that provides services for Newark’s homeless population. The Center will receive the total donation of $336.09! Thank you to all who helped!

Lenten FISH Campaign

Ash Wednesday-Easter Sunday 2018

Matching Donations

We are grateful for this ongoing opportunity to benefit FISH, Fellowship in Serving the Hungry!

A generous donor has offered to match up to $3,000 in contributions in support of FISH.  From Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday, any donations to FISH, up to that $3,000 mark, will count double toward benefiting this valuable ministry in support of our Newark neighbors in need.  We have already received several advance gifts from kind FISH supporters toward this campaign, bringing us more than a quarter of the way to our goal!

This Lenten season, we invite you to take time prayerfully to consider how you might participate in this wonderful opportunity and challenge, for the sake of benefiting our monthly outreach to families facing food insecurity.  St. Paul’s long partnership with Lutheran Community Services and Lutheran Campus Ministry on behalf of this program is a wonderful model of cooperation, volunteer excellence, and faithful, shared service.  Free Lenten devotional booklets have been assembled and are available at St. Paul’s, as our way of saying thank you for your ongoing support.

Donation checks may be made payable to Lutheran Campus Ministry with “FISH” in the memo line; all contributions will go directly to a designated FISH account and will be used solely for food purchases for the sake of families in need.

Thank you for considering a donation in support of FISH!  Remember that any gift you give will essentially be doubled in its impact.  Peace, grace, and blessings to all this Lenten season!

In Christ, Mindy Holland, Chaplain

Lutheran Campus Ministry, University of Delaware


Y-R-S – Year Round Stewardship – Love

The Stewardship Committee is embarking on a program in 2018 that we’re calling “Year-Round Stewardship,” or Y-R-S, for short.

Each month (or pair of months in some cases) we will highlight a different theme and an associated aspect of stewardship in various channels across the congregation.

For example, in February, the Valentine’s Day month, we’re going to focus on “Love” as in “Love Thy Neighbor.”  We’ll showcase local benevolence ministries such as FISH and Code Purple (Church Office 302-368-0064), the Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center (, Lutheran Campus Ministry (, and Hope Dining Room ( to name a few, and ask you, the congregation, to consider lending a hand to something that occurs right here in our community.

Other monthly themes include, but are not limited to, Care of Creation, Education, Volunteering (giving back), and Sharing our Bounty. Over the course of the year, we will see information about these themes in both the monthly and weekly Epistle as well as our weekly Email Blast, and Facebook page.  You may even see/hear a reference in worship!  Ya never know, so keep an eye/ear out.



FISH Thank you

Thanks to the generosity and support from so many at St. Paul’s, the FISH ministry distributed beautifully decorated boxes of Christmas cookies, plus winter coats and sweaters/sweatshirts to our FISH clients last Friday.  The 100+ coats and about 120 sweaters/sweatshirts that had been collected during our drive were spread throughout the sanctuary; our clients could stroll the aisles and select items for all members of their family.   They were thrilled and so appreciative!

One woman, as she left with her full box of food, Christmas cookies, and “new” coat, told us “what you folks do here is wonderful!”  Thanks to our dedicated volunteers who came out in the snow to help with the FISH distribution, and the congregation for helping make this a slightly warmer and sweeter December for our FISH clients!

A New Executive Director For the Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center

The Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Ms. Michelle J. Williams is our new Executive Director!  Ms. Williams began her tenure as Executive Director of Hilltop on January 1, 2018. She is a native of Wilmington, Delaware and a 1994 graduate of Wilmington High School. In middle school she began to participate in the “Vision of Hope” program sponsored by Paul and Gloria Fine. Her participation in that program enabled her to attend and graduate from the University of Delaware in 1999 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. She received her Master’s Degree in Administration and Human Services in 2008 from Wilmington University. She is in the process of completing her dissertation for her Doctorate in Philosophy with a concentration in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.

Ms. Williams is no stranger to Hilltop. She has been employed at the Center for 17 years serving in several capacities: Family Service Worker, Lead Family Service Worker, and Deputy Director. She currently serves as the Director of Operations.  During this time, Ms. Williams has established an excellent rapport with the children, parents, staff, and major stakeholders of the Center.  She will replace long term Executive Director, Jea P. Street, who became Director of Development on January 1, 2018 and will continue to serve in that capacity until he fully retires from Hilltop in November, 2018.

The Hilltop Board of Directors believes Ms. Williams will be a major asset to agency operations and looks forward to continued growth and development of Hilltop’s programs under her leadership.

Welcome Ms. Williams!  We’ll have A LOT more to say about outgoing Executive Director Street in a future edition.

Eric F. Mease
Board of Directors
Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center

Thanksgiving Baskets abound!

THANK YOU(!) for all of your contributions to the Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center Thanksgiving Baskets last Sunday. We contributed 83 turkeys and 49 complete baskets. Combined with other similar donations from area Lutheran Churches, over 300 families in the Hilltop area of Wilmington had a full table this Thanksgiving.  Thank you.

Bishop Gohl blogs for Synod

Each week, Bishop Gohl will be writing for our synod blog.

Super Bowl Sunday tallies

“Souper” Bowl Sunday Tally

The big winner of “Souper” Bowl Sunday is the Empowerment Center!  A total of $381.92 was donated through “Souper Bowl” contributions!   The bad news:  There are a lot of disappointed Falcons fans.  The vote was $240.92 for the Falcons, $76 for the Patriots, and $65 for the “I don’t really care who wins” crowd.  Many thanks to everyone who made this fund raiser and service project a huge success!

Sub Sale Spectacular Tally

Thank you very much, muchas gracias, merci, grazie, and danke to all of you for your help in making the sub sale the success that it was this year! We had sales last week totaling $757, which is pretty much 100% profit! We sold 92 subs and donated 4 to the Emmaus House.  Proceeds will go into our Youth Fund for the National Retreat in Houston in 2018.

Top 10 giving plaque

Keith Bart & Pr. Simmons 2
Assistant to the Bishop, the Rev. Gordon Simmons, not only preached at our services, but he presented us, via Stewardship Committee chairman, Keith Bart, with a plaque for our “Top 10” giving to Synod last year!  God is good!!
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