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For emergency after-hours building needs, please call or text Heidi Burch at (304)550-1460.

To report any non-emergency items, please use the form below. Or email your item to

Folks:  due to a timing mishap, this inaugural column didn’t make it into the October issue of The Epistle, but in the future you can look for it there!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of a semi-regular column dedicated to updating you about the activities, plans, needs, and exploits of your hard-working Property Team, and the special teams players that we occasionally have to call up from the minors!

So what have we been up to lately?  Have you seen the newly-refreshed Blue Room?  And before you even ask, yes, it is still blue, but it’s a much lovelier, happier, brighter shade of blue!  (Thanks to Ginny Rundell and Karen Saylor for their wonderful color selection.)  The team held a work day on August 26th, where we repaired the wall surfaces, then repainted the ceiling and walls.  After the paint dried, we rehung all the pictures, then shampooed the carpet.  Another big upgrade you may notice is the enhanced lighting.  While budget constraints precluded all new fixtures, we were able to source new daylight temperature LED bulbs for the recessed fixtures in the Blue Room and the vestibule and entryway.  Not only do they provide more and whiter light, but they are more energy efficient and don’t take any time at all to warm up, unlike the old four-pin plug-in compact fluorescents we were using previously. Thanks to the member of the congregation who donated these bulbs for us.  We also added cordless portrait lights to the charter member displays in the Blue Room for better viewing—if you’re in there and want to take a closer look, simply touch the button switch on the end of the portrait light to turn it on/off.

Have you seen the new bicycle rack out front?   Lovely, isn’t it?  And it definitely goes a long way toward making those in our congregation who cycle to church feel welcome and toward promoting a greener lifestyle!  I’d like to extend a big danke to those who contributed to its purchase, as well as to Michelle Patterson, who worked her Thrivent Action Grant magic for me once again!  Big props go out to my installation crew:  Ted Hendricks, Pat Fett, and Tom Olsen.  These guys dig some seriously symmetric holes!

What have we got planned for the next few weeks?  Tree trimming near the playground and washing the preschool windows on September 23 (if you are interested in helping out with this, or providing lunch for the crew, please send me an email at , and preparing to paint the nursery in conjunction with the Faith Formation team.  And don’t forget to mark your calendars:  the fall congregational work day is SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4.

The Property Team wish list for this month includes:

  • Sponsors for paint and blinds for the upcoming nursery refresh
  • Ideas, suggestions, or concepts for a new or refreshed church sign on Old Chestnut Hill Road—several numbers are missing from the current one, and replacements are hard to find
  • Anybody “know a guy” who does carpeting and might be willing to do us a good deal? The Blue Room carpet might look good in somebody’s man cave, but it doesn’t look very nice in our beautifully blue room!
  • Volunteers for Congregational Work Day on November 4!

Spring Work Day 2017 Is In the Books!

The annual Spring Congregational Work Day was held Saturday, May 20, 2017 and was a rousing success!  With the help of her dedicated crew of Property Team members, volunteers from the congregation, Cub Scouts and their dads, and the ever-important catering crew (every army travels on its stomach!), everything on Heidi’s infamous to-do list got to-done!  Tasks that got accomplished included:  installing the new electronic monitor in the Fellowship Hall; trimming trees and recycling yard debris; painting new reflective lines on the parking lots; washing windows; running cable to support new speakers for the sanctuary sound system in the nursery, narthex, Fellowship Hall, and Blue Room; weeding and planting in the Memorial Garden; pressure washing the exterior of the building; touching up paint in the kitchen and Fellowship Hall; dusting the entire sanctuary; and scrubbing the tables in the Fellowship Hall.  A huge thank you to everyone who gave up their Saturday morning to help make our building shine!

Finally–the choir loft chairs match the pews!!

The Property Team, along with volunteers from the Quilt Guild and the Choir, met Saturday, January 28 to recover 44 choir loft chairs and 3 kneelers.  This project was funded with a Thrivent action team grant (thanks Michelle Patterson!) and matching funds from the Friends of Music.  Now they are fresh, clean, and most importantly, they match!  (Hey, when you’re the Property Team capo, if it bugs you, it gets taken care of!)


Fellowship Hall door keys match front and back doors!

The locks on the new doors to the Fellowship Hall have been keyed to match the front and back doors.  If you or your ministry needs a new key for after hours access, please contact business administrator Terri Fulwider and she will provide you with one.

St. Paul’s Building Services Providers

Air ConditioningModern controls (building) Berry (church)325-6800 733-0933
CustodianTed Johnstoncell: 299-5216
ElectricianBill Furry453-8177
Fire AlarmsVigiles Life Safety737-1060
Fire ExtinguishersVigiles Life Safety737-1060
Lawn MowingDenis Woltenmate530-6869
LocksmithBob Conly737-0300
Snow RemovalDenis Woltenmate530-6869
SprinklersVigiles Life Safety737-1060



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