Stewardship Committee

Stewardship is the committee charged with reminding the congregation to say “Thank You!” to God for all of His gifts to us.  There are as many ways to say “Thank You!” as there are people in the world – each person’s gifts are their opportunity to say “Thank You!” in their own special way.

Stewardship offers programs that encourage the congregation to contribute financially via the Annual Campaign in the Fall, to the care of creation with our Spring program, and to time and talent all year round.

Stewards are found everywhere – on the Property Committee when they repair our building, in the Choir when they share their gift of music, at Sunday School when our children learn about Christ and the history of our church, even among the regular Sunday worshippers who write a check, pray for our fellow members, and grab a cup of coffee between services.  In other words, we’re ALL part of Stewardship, some of us just attend the meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month!

For more information about serving on the Stewardship Committee, contact Keith Bart:  (302) 345-6107.


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