Faith Formation Committee

The Faith Formation committee serves the population of St. Paul’s congregation from ages 0 to 100+ in providing ways to celebrate and live out our baptismal promises as the family of God at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Newark, Delaware.
Our defining vision is to foster and develop the faith and fellowship of Youth and Families of all definitions through intergenerational activities, oversee goals for the ministry, provide support to those undertaking tasks but will also be the action-oriented group.  We will initially be the ones to carry forward, organize and implement many events while encouraging and empowering members of the congregation to own and run events for the future.  We realize that the more people involved, the more and better events we can sponsor!

Our definition of family-family doesn’t just consist of mom, dad, brother, sister, it can also consist of  a group of people united by certain convictions or a common fellowship. A church family!

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