Greeter Sign-Up

Sign Up Genius Instructions for St. Paul’s Greeters

 After you agree to be a St. Paul’s Greeter, Bob Patterson will enter your email address into Sign Up Genius and you will receive an email welcoming you that looks like the following.   The link at the bottom of the email takes you to Sign Up Genius.


When you click the link it will take you to this page where Greeter guidelines are listed at the top and a calendar for each service below that. SignUp2

Scroll down to the date, time and door when you are available to be a greeter.   If it is available no one else’s names will be listed and you can then put a check in the blue Sign Up box.   Then go to the bottom and select Submit and Sign Up.


On the confirmation screen that comes up next you will see the date, time and door you selected.   If there are two of you, please change the Qty to 2 so that someone else won’t also signup for being a greeter at the same door.  If the info is correct, select sign up at the bottom and you are done.

SignUp4 The Friday before you are going to be a greeter Sign Up Genius will send you an email reminder so you don’t forget.

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