Together in Spirit

The command to love God and one another is being put into action in the midst of this immense disruption to people’s lives.



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Faith Formation

St. Paul’s Connects: During a Time of Physical Distancing

After some initial lamenting, people are now figuring out how to make the best of this. This time of social isolation has forced us to slow down. We are spending more time with our families than the hustle and bustle of daily life typically allows. Perhaps you find yourself reaching out to check in and touch base with loved ones on the phone more than you typically do. There is no question about the gravity of living in the middle of a pandemic. But as with every crisis, it has also thrown up these unexpected opportunities. While an overall sense of anxiety still pervades, I do believe it is an opportunity of a certain kind that was not available during our everyday lives. I hope there is a kind of soft reboot in people’s minds so that they can learn to enjoy the small joys amongst the chaos, the blessing of interacting with their loved ones.

In these anxiety-inducing times, it is important to stay connected emotionally, even as we distance ourselves physically. According to an article in the medical journal ‘The Lancet’, “confinement, loss of usual routine, and reduced social and physical contact with others were frequently shown to cause boredom, frustration, and a sense of isolation from the rest of the world, which was distressing to participants.”

Maintaining our congregational connections is a commitment St. Paul’s is working very hard to facilitate. Community is one of the things at St. Paul’s does well. Our faith community is strong! Yet, the coronavirus has required that we set aside some of the joys we experience in our time together. However, in times like these we must remind ourselves that Church is not a building but the people who continue to hold others up in times of need, making sure they know they are loved and cared for.

At your home perhaps put aside some time for daily family devotionals and pray together, call a friend or set up a virtual small group. During this time of social distancing St. Paul’s will periodically be offering you starting off points and ideas for this difficult time. Check the website and Facebook for updates.  

Grace, Peace, and Health to you my friend,
Mandy Sulek
Director for Faith Formation
office: (302) 368-0064 ext. 105
cell: (518) 569-7155

  • Coffee hour via Zoom – Sundays at 7:00 pm
    Call In: (312) 626-6799
    Password: Please see the weekly email blast for the password or contact Mandy Sulek at or 518-569-7155.
  • Pandemic Hope – an 8-week family devotional for life during COVID-19.
  • Kitchen Table Bible School
  • Confirmation Class
  • Faith Connections

Prayers & Poems

Sunday Prayers, May 17, 2020

I do not know when we can gather together again in worship, Lord.

So, for now I just ask that:

When I sing along in my kitchen to each song on Stevie Wonder’s Songs in The Key of Life Album, that it be counted as praise. (Happy 70thBirthday, SW!)

And that when I read the news and my heart tightens in my chest, may it be counted as a Kyrie. 

And that when my eyes brighten in a smile behind my mask as I thank the cashier may it be counted as passing the peace.

And that when I water my plants and wash my dishes and take a shower may it be counted as remembering my baptism.

And that when the tears come and my shoulders shake and my breathing falters, may it be counted as prayer.

And that when I stumble upon a Tabitha Brown video and hear her grace and love of you may it be counted as a hearing a homily.

And that as I sit at that table in my apartment, and eat one more homemade meal, slowly, joyfully, with nothing else demanding my time or attention, may it be counted as communion.

-Nadia Bolz-Weber

Kyrie during Quarantine

Seeking peace in a broken world,
but also knowing God’s peace through God’s presence,
we pray to the Lord.
Lord, have mercy.

Seeking peace in suffering, illness, and pain,
but also feeling God’s peace through healing, prayer, and those who help,
we pray to the Lord.
Lord, have mercy.

Seeking peace through our distress, depression, isolation, and fear,
but also feeling God’s peace through the words of loved ones
and the hope we see in the world,
we pray to the Lord.
Lord, have mercy.

Seeking peace through the pain of worshiping separately,
longing for our holy community to be gathering,
but also feeling peace through God’s presence with each of us
as we worship together distantly,
we pray to the Lord.
Lord have mercy.

Help, save, comfort, and defend us, loving Lord.
We need you now, as we have needed you every day.
We cannot live without you.

~ written by Pastor Nissa Peterson, Chatfield & Root Prairie Lutheran Churches. Posted on MightyNiss

A Prayer of Hope During this Pandemic

by Rabbi Naomi Levy

We are frightened, God,
Worried for our loved ones,
Worried for our world.
Helpless and confused,
We turn to You
Seeking comfort, faith and hope.

Teach us God, to turn our panic into patience,
And our fear into acts of kindness and support.
Our strong must watch out for our weak,
Our young must take care of our old.
Help each one of us to do our part to halt the spread of this virus

Send strength and courage to the doctors and nurses
In the front lines of this battle,
Fortify them with the full force of their healing powers.
Send wisdom and insight to the scientists
Working day and night across the world to discover healing treatments.
Bless their efforts, God.
Fill our leaders with the wisdom and the courage
To choose wisely and act quickly.
Help us, God, to see that we are one world,
One people
Who will rise above this pandemic together.

Send us health God,
Watch over us,
Grace us with Your love,
Bless us with Your healing light.
Hear us God,
Heal us God,

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