Funerals & Memorial Garden

Funerals at St. Paul’s are celebrations both of the life of the person who has died and of the eternal life that awaits us all through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We at St. Paul’s welcome the opportunity to walk side-by-side with you during this time of grieving and hope.

Funerals at St Paul’s

If you wish to have a funeral service at St. Paul’s, simply call the church office at (302) 368-0064. Your information will be immediately passed along to the pastor. The following guidelines should prove helpful in your planning:

  • Funerals in the church can only be scheduled by a pastor.
  • The church facilities are usually available to host a “visitation” at some time before the service.
  • The pastor is pleased to provide follow-up counseling and to provide referrals to grief support groups.
  • Eulogies work best in the context of a funeral reception/luncheon, when people are relaxed. If you really wish to place a eulogy within the funeral service itself, you must do so in consultation with a pastor.
  • The pastor is available to work with you should you wish to pre-plan a funeral service for yourself or your loved one.

Memorial Garden

The memorial garden provides a place for cremated remains of loved ones and members of the church family. Conceived and planned as a place of beauty and tranquility, it provides a quiet sanctuary for prayer and personal meditation. Members of the committee plan for the upkeep of the garden and burial sites.


Virginia Rundell by Heidi Burch

Michael Bareham by Henry and Ruth Ann Chisholm

The Loikith Family by Gary and Gloriann Loikith

Maureen Burskey by Troy and Cheri Simons


The Reverend John W. Keating by Janice Baldwin

The Reverend John W. Keating by Brenda Baxter

Juergen Brammer by Linda Brammer

W. H. Day by Robert Day

My husband, Richard Eiker by Elaine Eiker

Joachim “Jock” Elterich by Martha Elterich

The Reverend John W. Keating by Pat and Lorraine Fett

Elmer & Lorraine Setziol, Herman & Lois Garrison, and Margaret Garrison by Robert and Ellen Garrison

The Reverend John D. “Jack” Little by Brenda Hagelstein

Horace J. “Rundy” Rundell by Karen R. Helme

Our parents by the Reverend and Mrs. Gregory Johnson

Kenneth M. Lomax by Nancy Lomax

Tauna and Viola Palo by Roy and Barbara Palo

The Reverend John W. Keating by James and Maureen Pietschmann

My father, Horace J. “Rundy” Rundell by David, Yin, and Caroline Rundell

Horace J. “Rundy” Rundell by Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Rundell

Horace J. “Rundy” Rundell by Virginia Rundell

Karen’s brothers, Dennis and Patrick Klugh by Karen and Bill Saylor

Our parents, Herman E. & Jean Klugh and William C. & Genevieve Saylor by Karen and Bill Saylor

The Reverend John W. Keating by R. Dean and Ava Jo Shippy

Earl & Rita Tyson; Cullman & Jean Leonard by Keith and Kaye Tyson

Nancy Webster by Lynn Webster

Our Loved Ones by Antje and Chris Yaiser



Mr. and Mrs. David Baker

Keith and Cindy Bart

Jay and Mary Beth Bergstrom

Joseph Brown

Mary Collins

Don and Jane Corbin

Mark and Lynn Deschere

David and Kathy Dively

Nandy Duhm

Laura Gerguson

Joanne R. Hench & Charles H. Collier III

Sherry and Chris Mench

Gale Paul

David and Karen Peterson

Bob and Barbara Rhodes

Lois Ross

Dean and Ava Jo Shippy

Tory and Cheri Simons

Natalie Stevenson

Ursula Stevenson

Richard and Nancy Snyder

Richard and Sue Wallden

Bob and Margaret Weidman

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