Zoom into a Painting Class

Television art legend Bob Ross showed people how to paint happy mountains and joyful trees. People with some skills could follow along, however, if you had never used an artist’s brush or mixed paint, you had to watch the reruns over and over again to complete a painting.

If you have ever wanted to learn to paint from the very first step I am offering classes just for the fun of it. I am inviting you to join me from my grubby home studio via Zoom. The classes will be live, offering the ability to ask questions and have conversation.

My plan is to begin with basics that include value, color mixing, and use of brushes. Yes, you will be painting an image. However, the image will be one of your choosing and will be started after basic introductory practice classes.

The classes are intended for adults, however, if older youth join with their adult that’s okay with me. I simply request patience since remote teaching is new to me.
Class 1: (example)
Opening prayer/scripture
A Sample Tour of Images
Color and Value (Practice mixing)
Color Wheel (download an online sample for yourself)

A list of supplies will be given to participants. Dave Bart, from Jerry’s
Artarama, Newark, is working with me to put together an inexpensive
packet of supplies for anyone who needs them.

Classes will begin the second week of January. Class days and times
will be set by a survey of participants. To sign up, email prgunderson@comcast.net. Indicate a couple of days and times that work for you – afternoon, evening, day of week.
If you say, “I can’t draw a straight line.” I would respond, “Then use a straight edge to draw it.” Skill is not a requirement for this class. A bit of playfulness is expected.

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