Passing the Platea message from our Stewardship Committee.

No church can survive without the gifts of its members. Not only financial gifts, but gifts of time and talent are what keep us doing the work of God in the world.  To share your time and talents, please explore the Serve Menu to find ways you can join in the ministries of St. Paul’s.

Your financial gifts help us take care of the earthly needs of the church.  Your gifts take care of mundane things like our mortgage, utilities and salaries.  Knowing that these needs are addressed can help us all to focus on the spiritual needs of the church and its members.

2021 Pledge Campaign


The Stewardship Committee reviewed several products. We decided to use for many reasons, but primarily because it’s cost effective, convenient, and it’s partnered with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  As a result of that partnership we receive discounted transaction fees as well as a giving app specifically for the ELCA. As a side benefit, the app also offers a digital copy of Living Lutheran and ELCA News.

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If you’re interested in giving electronically, most banks will perform electronic fund transfers (EFTs) at no additional charge, and many will allow you to send a paper check, if that is what you prefer.  Currently both of these methods are used by our members, at no cost to them or the church.

We encourage you to consider electronic giving, and in particular to look for a fee-free option.  Please contact Keith Bart for St. Paul’s account and routing number information.

If you would like to make a charitable contribution of stock to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, please use this sample letter (click here) to serve as authorization to transfer the shares.

If you have any questions about this, or if you feel you might need some assistance setting this up with your bank, please contact me at or 302-345-6107.

Finally, have you ever wondered where your offering goes after it’s collected each Sunday?  Check out this video from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America to find out.

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