Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord! Psalm 150:6

Breathing has taken on new meaning over the past months.  With an airborne virus, breath becomes a risky thing even as it is necessary for life.  Our praise has been silenced behind masks and inside homes.

It might feel as if we are finally letting out a deep breath as restrictions are lifted due to safe and effective vaccinations.  Hopefully if your health permits you have been vaccinated and you can join in breathing in praise of God.  Certainly, we can give praise to the one who provides the wisdom of science.

We are letting out deep breaths and beginning to sing and pray together.   Silent praise has become much more noisy.

Are we completely safe?  No, not everyone is safe.  Vaccination rates vary.  The virus is still with us.  However, a lot has gotten better. 

St. Paul’s Congregation Council, at its June 28 meeting, approved the following changes to the Covid19 protocols for this community.  The changes reflect the vaccination successes, along with care for those who remain vulnerable.

Beginning July 1, the following protocols will begin for worship and all meetings and gatherings at St. Paul’s:

· Masks are recommended but not required for fully vaccinated people.

· Masks are required for the unvaccinated.

· Physical distancing of three feet will be practiced.

Children and others who are unable to be vaccinated need our attention and care as we move forward.  The Congregation Council will continue to adjust protocols as changes happen.

Breathing in safety.  Breathing in praise of God who sustains this world in hope.  Breathing.  Taking each breath as a gift from God who gives life.  Praise God!

Pastor Linda Gunderson †

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