Alleluia, Jesus is risen.

The empty tomb was God’s work.  That gaping empty tomb was the first notice people received that God had been up to something unimaginable.  Jesus was not dead.  Jesus was not merely resuscitated.  Jesus had been resurrected.  Jesus was alive.  Truly alive.  God’s work. 

This Easter marks a second year this community of faith will gather without sitting on pews, singing praise, sneezing over flowers, and hearing the good news of Jesus resurrection, in St. Paul’s building.  This Easter is another milestone during a difficult year.  The losses have been profound.  The missed moments have hurt our hearts.  Still, Easter comes.  It is still a different and difficult time.  Yet, Easter comes.

Jesus is alive.  Not ‘was’, ‘IS’.  We are people of hope who trust that God who raised Jesus, raises us.  Over, and over again, raises us.  The death like things we experience are surrounded in hope.  Death always is met with resurrection.

This Easter I pray that you experience a holy anticipation.  A holy anticipation that looks for God to be at work in you within this time.  A holy anticipation that keeps safety while expecting a return to important moments.  A holy anticipation that announces faith in God’s work of resurrection, new life, holy hope. 

This Easter I hope for you moments of holy connection with friends and family and church community. 

The empty tomb was God’s work.  God is still at work.  In Jesus Christ God is alive and on the move in our lives.  God is present and unlocking hope and joy. 

Easter blessings to our and all whom you love.  Easter blessings to this community of faith and the world St. Paul’s serves in God’s name.

Jesus is risen.  Alleluia.

Pastor Linda Gunderson †

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