Happy New Year!

On a Sunday morning in November, just before leaving the house for in-
person worship I glanced back into the living room of my home. That’s when I saw the ceiling tiles, wet and messy, crashed onto the furniture. A leak from the bathroom had done its damage during the night. With no time to deal with it, I left for worship thinking, “It’s 2020.”

Memes, tweets, jokes and comments have claimed 2020 as the year we want to be over. If something goes wrong, we quip, “Remember, it’s 2020.”

Happy New Year!

The anticipation held for 2021 might be a bit much. However, a vaccine for
Covid19 available for everyone in the new year is enough to make it a good year! We wait better when we can see an end to our waiting. 2021 may offer some endings that renew our hope for a different future.

Who needs a New Year’s Resolution for 2021. It is enough to anticipate hope for children in classrooms full-time, family around the table, choir practice, vacations, in person indoor worship, and, well, you name it.

St. Paul’s will keep hope alive. We will also wait. The first months of this year will look like 2020 for the safety of all. Council, Covid19 Task Force, and staff will work together to continue safe practices. January and February will remain months for no gatherings of any size at the church building (FISH being the exception). The Council is preparing for a virtual Annual Meeting. So much work continues well via Zoom and email.

Covid19 safe practices are evaluated daily and weekly. Thank you all for your support and participation in caring for one another. We pray for health and all good things for this community and this world.

I wish for all of you a safe, healthy, and joyous new year.

Happy New Year!
Pastor Linda Gunderson †

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