Dear Friends,

I feel as if I have often been sighing deeply over the past days.  I am comforted by knowing that the Spirit of the living Christ puts words to my prayers when I feel my words are not enough to meet the great needs of this time.

I hope that you are doing well.  I hope that you are social distancing and not socially isolated.  If so, please reach out.  Keep in touch with one another. 

This is a challenging time.  It is rare for something to encompass the world and every people of every age as completely as Covid 19.  It is rare for a world to be at risk with no nation or people immune.  It is a time when we are truly the whole of God’s creation – one people.  Maybe we need to be singing together that simple song, “He’s got the whole world in his hands.”  Singing it with one voice in care for one another. 

The staff at St. Paul’s continues to work and plan.  We are adapting daily to changes necessary to keep ministry going as much as possible.  I admire the work of St. Paul’s preschool as they keep connected with our beloved preschool children who miss one another and their teachers.  Each week a worship opportunity will be posted on the website and Facebook.  For those who do not have access or an email account, mailings are being sent.  The Delaware Maryland Synod is offering worship and you are welcome to access other congregations web presence. 

A primary concern is to keep in contact with one another, in particular with those who may be more socially isolated.  Please contact the church office if there is a concern.  In any emergency, please be in contact with me.  If I become ill, someone will cover for me.

If anyone needs grocery delivery or other assistance due to illness or quarantine let us know.  People have offered to help.   

If we know anything in this time, changes happen fast.  The staff is adapting and adjusting to what is needed. 

The most important thing is the health and well-being of everyone.  This includes everyone’s physical and mental health, employment concerns, parenting stress and so much more.

And when we don’t know what to say or even how to pray, it becomes the moment we place our trust in the Spirit to hold place for us, keeping faith with us and offering our prayers before God… open space provided by God for our healing and well-being.

May God be with you, beloved,

Pastor Linda Gunderson †

Senior Pastor

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