Faith Formation Ministry

What do we mean when we say “Faith Formation?”  Are we talking about Sunday School, or Confirmation class, or Adult Ed, or Youth Group meetings?  Well, the answer is YES, and much more!  Faith Formation is an inter-generational, “womb to tomb” approach that “informs, forms, and transforms the person—whether child, youth, or adult—into a robust, vital, and life-giving Christian faith that is holistic: a way of the head, the heart, and the hands.” (From the book Generations Together, by John Roberto.)

Our Christian Education is at the very heart of the church. In the educational process the Spirit of God encounters people of all ages so that they are nurtured in faith, grow in knowledge and experience, and are inspired and empowered to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. (From the web site of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)

At St. Paul’s we are about lifelong faith formation for people of all ages.

Faith formation starts at infancy and continues throughout the journey of life. Because 90% of faith formation takes place in the home, we are committed to providing resources and support to families and households that are useful and effective.

We provide opportunities both for you and your family to grow spiritually.

We engage in relationships so that you can gain ideas from other families with kids or who have been in your shoes. We provide opportunities to learn and practice these skills so you have the tools to share and pass on faith with your child.

Some of the support comes through programming such as Faith Connections (Christian Education), Praise and Play (Summer Play Group), and Confirmation. Other support comes through small groups, conversations, hands-on resources, and interactions with the pastors and leaders in the church. We encourage participation of children and youth in all areas of worship and the life of the church.

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