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In response to the latest developments of this pandemic and what they’ve meant for our way of living, I wanted to reach out and share some thoughts with you. By no means do I claim to know exactly how you feel or exactly what you’re going through, but as a church St. Paul’s is committed to encouraging our faith community through this time.
The last week has been very difficult, and yet, it’s the Church that is giving people everywhere hope. It has been life-giving to see our clergy and lay leaders galvanize to innovate and re-imagine new ways to support the Body of Christ and those who may need us the most.
Many of us are juggling the demands of public health officials with the expectations of our families and our jobs. If you take anything away from this note, let it be this: Grace to you, friend.
Take this time to be still, listen, and live one day at a time. Though this pandemic is wreaking havoc on the world, the consequence has been an opportunity—opportunity to slow down, re-imagine, reorder things, and consider how God is revealing God’s self to us in all of this. It’s an opportunity to evaluate how we are living into the Good News we believe to be true. Remember we grow stronger as we rely on one another. We are with you!
I will be offering you a way to connect with your children through the stories and activities that they would be doing in their Christian Education classes. Also check the church Facebook page as I will be sharing additional resources there.
Below are links to the videos and stories the kids would be using each week at church and documents for each age group that are guides with activities that follow the story/theme of the lesson.
Please do not hesitate to reach out via email or my cell.
Grace and Peace,

Amanda Sulek
Director for Faith Formation
Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church
701 S. College Ave.
Newark, DE  19713

(Office) 302-368-0064 ext. 105

(Cell) 518-569-7155

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