Worship Arts

Worship arts engage the whole community and the whole person…We worship God with our bodies, through movement, dance, and gesture.

Through worship arts, the assembly seeks to praise God, proclaim the Word, pray, and retell the story of what God has done and continues to do. The arts give shape to ritual action, express and form faith, and gather individuals into community.

Altar Guild  Prepares the altar and communion elements for all worship services and takes care of paraments, altar cloths, candles and other items needed for services.

Flower Guild Members select and arrange flowers for each Sunday service, weddings and funerals.  The entire group works with the Altar Guild to decorate the church for Christmas and Easter.

♪ LITURGICAL DANCE Seeking youth and adults who embody the expression of unity through mime and rhythm.  Classical and modern styles welcomed; rehearsals as necessary.

♪ LITURGICAL DRAMA Seeking youth and adults who can proclaim and illuminate God’s word, helping it to resonate in the hearts and memory of the community and the individual.  Stage experience welcomed; rehearsals as necessary.

Those interested in singing, playing, dancing or acting in one or more of our musical or artistic ministries should complete a Ministry of Music and the Arts Registration Form and return it to our Director for Music and Worship, Mike Bareham.

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